Silica Sand Infill – Golf – 30/65 – 50Lb Bag



Silica Sand infill for golf helps weigh down the putting green and keeps the artificial grass from getting wrinkles or ripples caused by movement and climate change. It also creates a layer that absorbs the traffic providing durability for the turf. This also absorbs the impact from the ball that has been chipped from afar so it will not bounce around, but rather it will act like a real green and reel the ball in.
Finally, with sand infill the putting green’s speed can get be personalized and customized; the more sand infill the faster the stimp rating will be. Infills are absolutely necessary in order to complete the artificial grass putting green system.

Our silica sand is guaranteed to be non-angular which essentially means that it is rounded and has no sharp edges. This is very important 
because Angular silica sand has shark edges and will act like sandpaper and will grind the turf to dust.

Our silica sand is washed so only the sand crystals stay while all of the finer dust particles get washed away. This is very important because if the sand is not washed then those fine dust particles eventually accumulate and clog the drainage holes.

100% DRY:
Silica Sand is washed with water so after it is washed it is soaking wet which is a problem because it will lump up and not slide into the turf blades easily. Wet sand prior to installation will NOT allow for a successful and professional finish. This is why our sand infill goes through an additional step and gets dried in an oven so we can guarantee that every single bag of sand is 100% dry!

Item Package Quantity: 1 bag


    • Gives the feel of walking on real grass by emulating the impact absorption qualities of soil.
    • Provides durability to the turf by absorbing the impact of the traffic.


    NAME: Turfill Silica Sand – GOLF
    USES: Infill 
    PRICE: $8.99
    SIZE: 30/65
    PRODUCT DIMENSION: 30/65 mesh


    ODOR: None
    ITEM WEIGHT: 50 Lbs
    INCLUDED COMPONENTS: 99% pure silica. (SIO2)
    WARRANTY: 5 years


    • Use drop-spreader to evenly distribute the sand on the turf surface
    • Push broom evenly through out turf to allow sand to sink in-between the hair fibers (using a power broom will brush most of the sand away)
    • Repeat until desired pounds or desired height is reached


    • How many bags come in a full pallet? 64 bags
    • Does this have silica dust? Very minimum but Yes
    • Is this for pet odor control? No, Use ZeoFill instead, it is specifically for pet odor control.
    • Can I install this while wet? Not recomended it will be more difficult.
    • Can I mix 50% Zeofill and this? No it will be counter productive.
    • Does this have any cooling features? No it does not. For cooling features use either Hydrochill or Zeofill.
    • How much should I install? Approximately 0.5 to 2 pounds per square foot 
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    Weight 3200 lbs


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