Weed Barrier 1,500 SF



Artificial Grass has perforated holes to allow water to drain through the backing of it. These holes actually make turf very vulnerable to weeds. This can become a large issue, so in order to prevent it, a weed barrier needs to be applied. It is highly recommended to install 2 layers of weed barrier in an artificial turf project. The first layer would go on top of the dirt and then a few inches of aggregate should be laid on top, leveled and compacted, then the second layer of the weed barrier should be installed before installing the artificial grass.
Weed barrier is an easy-to-use, environmentally safe fabric that controls weeds before they start. The non-woven, hydrophilic treated fabric allows for air and water to pass through.

The fabric is designed to be installed face down; this way, if weeds begin to grow, they get tangled in the fabric and start growing sideways. This creates yet another level of protection preventing the weeds from growing and reaching the surface.

Item Package Quantity: 1 roll


  • Fabric Backing
  • Woven Fabric


  • To misdirect the weeds
  • To allow drainage but stops weeds


NAME: Weed Barrier – 1,500 SF Roll 
PRICE: $36.00
SIZE: 6.5′ x 231′ (1,500 SF coverage)
MATERIAL TYPE: Polypropylene
COLOR FINISH: Black or Grey
MAIN APPLICATION: Underneath turf, mulch, dirt, rocks, stones, etc.


WIDTH: 6.5 Ft
LENGTH: 231 Ft


  • Unroll and hold by fastening with spikes or staples


  • What is the ounce weight of the fabric? 4 Oz
  • Does this material let water through or would it help drain water away from the house? The water will drain through the fabric … it may pool a little, depending on how hard the rain is falling, but it will eventually drain through it.
  • My backyard is a couple thousand sq ft and it is basically just weeds. Can I lay this down on top of the weeds to completely kill them and then plant? It’s recommended that you remove as many weeds as possible and even spray the area as they may stick up through the fabric. 
  • Can I choose the black or the gray? No, product color may vary.
  • Can I lay this over wet soil? Firm damp soil, yes, but if your footsteps or hands leave impressions, wait a day or two for it to dry up and then install it.


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