Key Features and Benefits:

  • Fast-setting for efficient installation
  • Superior handling and green strength
  • Exceeds FIFA standards for bond strength

Where to Use:

  • Indoor and outdoor synthetic turf installations
  • Professional and educational synthetic sports field arenas
  • Commercial and residential landscaping projects


  • Install only in areas recommended by the turf manufacturer.
  • Surface temperature should be between 41°F and 95°F (5°C and 35°C), with ambient relative humidity between 20% and 80%.

Suitable Substrates:

  • Ultrabond Turf Tape or manufacturer-recommended seaming tape
  • Exterior- and marine-grade plywood, pressure-treated lumber
  • Other approved wood underlayments per manufacturer recommendations
  • Concrete
  • Cement-based, exterior-rated patching and repair compounds
  • Existing, cured asphalt pavement in good condition

Surface Preparation:

  • Surfaces must comply with the synthetic playing surface manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Surfaces must be structurally sound, dry, solid, stable, even, flat, and smooth.
  • Surfaces should be clean and free from dust, dirt, oil, grease, paint, curing agents, concrete sealers, and more.


  • Follow all installation instructions carefully.
  • Cut the nozzle tip and attach it to the adhesive cartridge.
  • Apply adhesive in a zigzag pattern, place the turf into the adhesive, and apply weight for secure bonding.


  • Clean adhesive smudges with mineral spirits while fresh/wet.
  • Clean tools with mineral spirits while fresh/wet.


  • Protect the installation from light traffic for at least 12 hours.
  • Protect from heavy traffic for at least 24 hours.
  • Shield from rain/water exposure and freezing conditions for 12 hours post-installation.

Product Performance Properties:

  • Polymer type: Polyurethane
  • Solids content: 100%
  • VOCs: 4 g per L
  • Joint/bond strength: > 25 N per 100 mm
  • Flash point: > 200°F (93°C)

Shelf Life and Storage:

  • Shelf life: 1 year when stored unopened at 73°F (23°C)
  • Storage conditions: 50°F to 90°F (10°C to 32°C)
  • Protect containers from freezing during transit and storage.

Application Properties at 73°F (23°C) and 50% relative humidity:

  • Flash time*: 0 to 5 minutes
  • Working time**: 30 to 45 minutes
  • Set time***: 45 to 90 minutes

*Flash time refers to the recommended time for the adhesive to remain exposed to air before installing the floor covering. **Working time is the maximum time for the adhesive to bond effectively. ***Set time allows adjustments to the floor covering position without compromising adhesion.

Please note that these times may vary based on temperature, humidity, surface porosity, and jobsite conditions.

Packaging and Color:

  • Size: 29 U.S. oz. (858 mL)
  • Color: Green

Approximate Coverage per 29 U.S. oz. (858 mL) Cartridge:

  • Thickness: 1/4″ (6 mm)
  • Coverage: About 88 linear ft. (26.8 linear m)
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Introducing ULTRABOND TURF PU 1K-HV, your ultimate turf glue solution for professional synthetic grass installations. This high-performance, one-component, moisture-curing adhesive delivers exceptional bonding strength, ensuring a durable and long-lasting result for your turf projects. ULTRABOND TURF PU 1K-HV is meticulously designed to withstand various weather conditions, making it the go-to choice for reliable and weather-resistant turf glue applications. Elevate your synthetic grass installations with this trusted adhesive, backed by years of proven success in the industry.

ULTRABOND TURF PU 1K-HV is your trusted high-viscosity, one-component, urethane adhesive designed for synthetic turf installations, particularly in high-performance sports arenas. This adhesive offers impressive bonding capabilities, boasting a fast-setting feature and excellent handling characteristics. It surpasses FIFA standards for bond strength, ensuring top-tier performance on sports turf applications.

With a resilient nature, it resists the effects of weather, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. ULTRABOND TURF PU 1K-HV is your go-to choice for professional and educational sports field arenas, as well as commercial and residential landscaping projects featuring synthetic turf.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 16 in


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