• Product Code: PV21330
  • Thickness: 2-⅜” (60mm)
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″, 9″x9″, 9″x12″
  • SF per Cube: 116
  • Cube Weight: 3015 LBS
  • Finish: Standard
  • Surface Texture: Pillow Top


Dive Deep into Legacy with Mega Olde Towne Pavers

Mega Olde Towne pavers offer a grand nod to history, elegantly magnifying the timeless beauty of yesteryears into dimensions that cater to today’s expansive landscapes. Their size embodies majesty, while their design captures the subtle intricacies and nuances of a time gone by. It’s where tradition and scale converge to create a truly monumental aesthetic.

Hallmarks of Mega Olde Towne Pavers:

  1. Grand Vintage Aesthetics: Each paver is a canvas portraying the vastness and richness of historic towns and cityscapes, making every path, patio, or driveway a journey through time.
  2. Expansive Crafting: The generous dimensions of Mega Olde Towne pavers are tailor-made for vast expanses, ensuring large areas are adorned with consistent elegance.
  3. Unwavering Durability: Their majestic size is matched by their resilience. Crafted with modern techniques, these pavers are designed to endure, standing strong against time and nature.
  4. Design Freedom: Their size offers a unique design advantage, allowing for broader patterns and layouts that can transform spaces into regal landscapes.
  5. Sustainable Legacy: Aligned with our commitment to the planet, the production of each Mega Olde Towne paver respects the environment, ensuring your designs are not just beautiful but also responsibly crafted.

For visionaries seeking to carve out expansive landscapes that resonate with stories, romance, and the regality of the past, Mega Olde Towne pavers present the perfect palette. Embrace the beauty of epochs past, scaled to perfection for the grand designs of today.


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