• Product Code: PV21210
  • Thickness: 2-⅜” (60mm)
  • Dimensions: 22″x12.5″, 12.5″x12.5″, 12.5″x9.25″
  • SF per Cube: 116
  • Cube Weight: 3015 LBS
  • Finish: Standard
  • Surface Texture: Slate

* Not suitable for vehicular applications


Step into Sacred Design with Templehurst Pavers

The echoes of ancient temples, with their majestic pillars, expansive courtyards, and intricate stone carvings, have long fascinated humankind. Templehurst Pavers, inspired by these magnificent structures, seek to infuse modern landscapes with this timeless allure. Every paver is a hymn to history, a tribute to the sanctity and artistry of ancient temples.

The Templehurst Tapestry:

  1. Historic Resonance: Templehurst Pavers encapsulate the spirit and grandeur of ancient temples, providing an aesthetic that’s both divine and grounding.
  2. Modern Precision: While the inspiration might be ancient, the production is cutting-edge. State-of-the-art crafting ensures each paver is perfect in form, ready to grace contemporary spaces.
  3. Design Versatility: Their unique design aesthetic makes them adaptable to varied settings – from luxurious patios to serene meditation gardens and elegant driveways.
  4. Built to Last: Just as ancient temples have stood the test of time, these pavers promise enduring beauty. They are resilient against wear, weather, and time.
  5. Eco-Sensitive Crafting: Templehurst Pavers are birthed with respect to nature. Sustainable practices in their production ensure minimal ecological impact while delivering maximal beauty.

With Templehurst Pavers, every space is transformed into a sanctuary, a haven of tranquility, and elegance. These are not just pavers; they are pathways to epochs gone by, reminders of the sublime beauty that history has left in its wake.

For architects, homeowners, and designers looking to weave tales of ancient splendor into modern tapestries, Templehurst Pavers present the perfect medium. It’s time to build your temple, a sanctum of style, serenity, and stories.


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