Valencia Travertine Tumbled

Valencia Travertine Tumbled for pool deck, patios and more!

These pavers will accentuate the beauty of your home for years to come as well as increase your home value.

6 X 12 X 1-1/4″
16 X 24 X 1-1/4″
F/P SET 1-1/4


Experience Elegance with Valencia Travertine Tumbled – Where Quality Meets Craftsmanship

Imagine a space where every stone tells a story of nature’s grandeur and human craftsmanship. That’s what the Valencia Travertine Tumbled offer. Specifically designed for the outdoors, these pavers have seamlessly found their way into many patios, pools, and walkways.

Key Features of Valencia Travertine Tumbled:

  • Texture and Feel: The tumbled surface, when touched, feels like a mosaic of nature’s finest moments. Its honed and unfilled finish adds to its rustic yet sophisticated charm.
  • Durability Factor: These pavers, formed deep within the earth and crafted by expert hands, resist moisture, heat, and cold effectively. Moreover, they don’t retain heat, ensuring a cool touch even on sunny days.
  • Safety Assured: Around pool areas, their slip-resistant nature stands out. Hence, while they add beauty, they also ensure safety.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Generally, these require minimal upkeep. However, in zones where entertainment takes place frequently, a sealant might be beneficial to ward off potential stains.
  • Uniqueness in Every Stone: Each paver, being naturally formed, carries its own unique hue and texture. While this is celebrated, remember that it means no two pavers will be exactly identical.
  • Home Value Augmentation: Beyond their evident beauty, these pavers often play a role in enhancing a property’s market standing.

While every effort has been made to capture the pavers’ essence in our images, actual product variations may exist due to natural characteristics and digital screen disparities. Consulting actual samples is always recommended before making a choice.

For deeper insights or to begin your journey with Leonardo Tumbled Travertine Pavers, reach out at or dial 888-339-8873.

Your trust in LA Turf & Paver’s curated offerings is greatly appreciated. We remain at your service for all your paving needs.”

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16 lbs


6 x 12 x 1.25 in


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