Sky Blue Marble Tumbled

Sky blue Tumbled Marble Pavers. Excellent for Pools, decks, patios, lanais, entry ways, docks, borders, and walkways. Residential and commercial with heavy and light traffic.

12 X 24 X 1-1/4″
16 X 16 X 1-1/4″
6 X 12 X 1-1/4″
16 X 24 X 1-1/4″
16 X 24 X 2″
24 X 24 X 1-1/4″
F/P SET 1-1/4″


Introducing the Sky Blue Tumbled Marble Pavers 24×24 – Nature’s Elegance Crafted for Contemporary Spaces

Delve into the luxurious charm of our Sky Blue Tumbled Marble Pavers, tailored for those with discerning tastes. Crafted for outdoor use, these pavers are an epitome of durability and aesthetic splendor, ideal for various settings including pools, decks, patios, lanais, entryways, docks, and walkways.

Key Attributes of Sky Blue Tumbled Marble Pavers:

  • Surface & Finish: Their tumbled surface provides a naturally honed and unfilled finish, oozing with rustic grace.
  • Durability: Resistant to moisture, heat, cold, and erosion, these travertine pavers promise lasting elegance. With inherent resistance to heat retention, they remain cool to touch even under the sun. Their slip-resistant nature makes them a reliable choice for pool areas.
  • Maintenance: While sealants aren’t mandatory, they can be applied for areas prone to heavy entertainment to guard against potential stains from food, wine, and other elements.
  • Natural Beauty: Every piece of this natural stone is unique, with variations in color, finish, and shade, ensuring no two tiles are the same. This individuality is a hallmark of genuine stone products, accentuating their natural allure.
  • Home Value: Beyond beauty, these pavers contribute to enhancing your property’s value, ensuring that your home doesn’t just look better but also stands at a higher market worth.

While our images aim to be as representative as possible, due to natural stone characteristics and computer screen variations, the actual product might slightly differ from the image. Always ensure you’re making your choice based on actual samples and not solely on digital representations.

For further inquiries, insights, or to order your Sky Blue Tumbled Marble Pavers, reach out to us at or dial 888-339-8873.

Thank you for exploring the premium range at LA Turf & Paver. We’re honored to be a part of your home transformation journey!”


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