Philadelphia Travertine Tumbled

Philadelphia Travertine Tumbled Tiles, Great for indoor or outdoor use, and can increase the value of your property.

12 X 24 X 1-1/4″
16 X 24 X 1-1/4″
24 X 24 X 1-1/4″
F/P SET 1-1/4″



Dive into a World of Classic Elegance with Philadelphia Travertine Tumbled Tiles – A Symphony of Craftsmanship and Natural Beauty

Envision your spaces adorned with the timeless charm of Philadelphia Travertine TumbledTiles. These tiles, crafted with perfection, not only serve as a luxurious addition to your interiors but also as a testament to your impeccable taste. Perfect for those who yearn for a blend of tradition and contemporary appeal.

Noteworthy Features of Philadelphia Travertine Tumbled Tiles:

  • Distinctive Texture: Each tile showcases a brushed surface with a chiseled edge, resonating with historic artistry yet complementing modern design sensibilities.
  • Nature’s Palette: Rooted in nature, these tiles present a unique spectrum of earthy tones and patterns, reminiscent of the historic city of Philadelphia.
  • Sturdy & Reliable: These tiles aren’t just about aesthetics. Formed by nature and perfected by craftsmen, their durability promises years of unmatched beauty and function.
  • Safety Ensured: The brushing process provides a slightly textured surface, ensuring that the tiles remain slip-resistant and safe.
  • Maintenance Ease: Known for their resilience, these travertine tiles require minimal upkeep to maintain their lustrous appeal.
  • Value Addition: Beyond their beauty, the addition of these tiles can also contribute positively to your property’s market value.

Although every attempt is made to capture the essence of these tiles in our imagery, it’s worth noting that due to natural variations and potential screen differences, slight discrepancies might arise. It’s always recommended to review actual samples before arriving at a decision.

To explore more about the Philadelphia Travertine Tumbled Tiles or for any personalized queries, please connect with us at or ring us at 888-339-8873.

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