• Product Code: PV21250
  • Thickness: 2-⅜” (60mm)
  • Dimensions: 6.5″x13″, 13″x13″, 13″x19.5″
  • SF per Cube: 105
  • Cube Weight: 2730 LBS
  • Finish: Standard
  • Surface Texture: Slate

* Not suitable for vehicular applications


Experience Nature’s Masterpiece with Bluestone Pavers

Emerging from the depths of the earth, shaped over eons by nature’s forces, Bluestone stands as a testament to geologic artistry. Its characteristic hues of blue, interspersed with gentle grays and deep sapphire undertones, have made it a favorite in the world of landscaping and design. Bluestone Pavers capture this natural marvel, refining it into pieces perfect for contemporary landscapes, without losing an ounce of its primeval charm.

Unveiling the Bluestone Brilliance:

  1. Nature’s Canvas: Every Bluestone Paver is a slice of earth’s history, showcasing intricate patterns and colors that only millennia of geologic processes can produce.
  2. Crafted to Perfection: While Bluestone brings nature’s wonder, our expert craftsmanship ensures each paver is calibrated for modern use—smooth, durable, and tailored for varied applications.
  3. Versatile Elegance: Bluestone Pavers are as versatile as they are beautiful. Whether it’s a serene garden pathway, a lavish patio, or a pool surround, their presence elevates the ambiance.
  4. Enduring Grace: Renowned not just for their beauty, these pavers are equally famed for their resilience. They can stand against the elements—be it sun, rain, or frost—with unwavering grace.
  5. Eco-Conscious Production: As custodians of nature’s gifts, our manufacturing processes are rooted in sustainability, ensuring minimal impact on our planet while bringing its beauty to your spaces.

Bluestone Pavers are more than just stones. They are narratives of earth’s evolution, of pressures and time converging to create beauty unparalleled. When you walk on a Bluestone pathway, it’s a journey across epochs; when you lounge on a Bluestone patio, it’s an embrace of nature’s finest artwork.

For those with a discerning eye, an appreciation for nature’s finest, and a vision to create spaces that resonate with deep-rooted elegance, Bluestone Pavers are your muse. Let’s sculpt dreams, one stone at a time.


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