3CM French Limestone Porcelain Paver

size (inch)16×32
thickness (inch)1  1/8
pallet (inch)34×50


Discover the allure of 3CM French Limestone Porcelain Pavers, a premium choice for those who appreciate the timeless charm of natural limestone coupled with the unmatched durability of porcelain. These pavers exude the classic elegance of French limestone, featuring subtle textures and a warm, neutral palette that enhances the beauty of any outdoor setting. Ideal for creating serene patios, elegant walkways, and sophisticated pool surrounds, the French Limestone Porcelain Pavers transform your outdoor areas into inviting spaces of relaxation and beauty.

Engineered with a substantial 3CM thickness, these porcelain pavers offer enhanced durability and stability, making them well-suited for both residential and commercial applications. They are built to withstand extreme weather conditions, resist stains, and prevent fading, ensuring that your outdoor design remains beautiful and low-maintenance over time. The anti-slip surface provides added safety, making these pavers a practical and stylish choice for all your outdoor needs.

Choose the 3CM French Limestone Porcelain Pavers for your next outdoor project and embrace the perfect blend of classic aesthetics and contemporary performance. Elevate your outdoor spaces with the enduring elegance of French limestone, reimagined in the durable and versatile form of porcelain, and enjoy a landscape that exudes sophistication and charm.


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