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NOTE: As a final top coating, the infill is the last product needed to complete a successful artificial turf installation. The application that the turf will be used in will determine the type of infill required for the project.
Infills are needed for many reasons, however, they can also provide different solutions. Each of them creates a different type of system that can vary from an “odor control pet system” (to avoid stinky situations in the short and long term) to a “temperature control system” (that cools down the turf surface up to 50 degrees to make it more comfortable for the everyday use). 


ZeoFill is the only organic infill and it is made out of a 100% natural resource from the earth. It is different than any other infill because ZeoFill is a negatively charged, honey-combed molecular structure that absorbs the urine like a magnet and prevents the ammonia from forming a gas which is the main cause of odors. ZeoFill Infill will pull any gases towards itself and hold it until the sodium ion (Na+) in rainwater releases the magnetism and the force of heavy rainfall flushes out the bacteria, forcing it through the turf into the ground making your turf virtually new and odorless again. The sodium forces the calcium ions out and recharges the ZeoFill when dry.

Apart from odor control, ZeoFill helps weigh down the turf and keeps the artificial grass from getting wrinkles or ripples caused by movement and climate change. It also helps the grass blades stand up and keep its real look in high traffic areas. Finally, it creates a layer that absorbs the traffic providing durability for the turf. Infill is absolutely necessary in order to complete the artificial grass project successfully.

Item Package Quantity: 45 bags


  • With ZeoFill® Save Water! There is no need to water the grass all the time to wash away urine smell. In fact, no need to water your turf down too often with ZeoFill® because you want urine to be absorbed in ZeoFill granules not the water from your hose. You can water it down if you need to clean it, but keep it to a minimum.


NAME: ZeoFill
USES: Infill for pet odor control
PRICE: $32.99
SIZE: 14/30


ODOR: None
WARRANTY: 5 years (minimum 2LB need to be applied for the warranty to cover it)


  • Use drop-spreader to evenly distribute the sand on the turf surface
  • Rake or power broom evenly throughout the turf to allow sand to sink in-between the hair fibers
  • Repeat until desired pounds or desired height is reached


  • How many bags come in a full pallet? 45 bags
  • Will this control my dog’s urine smell? Yes
  • What type of maintenance does it have? Spray PE-51 and hose down
  • Can I mix this with other infills? No. Only use 100% ZeoFill for best results
  • How much is recommended? Minimum 2 Lbs / SqFt
  • What if 2 LB doesn’t fit? If the 2Lb / Square foot doesn’t fit we recommend to prior spread the difference under the turf on top of the base work before the turf gets laid. That way the urine will filter on the recommended 2LB.
  • Is the dust that this produces harmful? When installing this item it will produce a lot of dust but it is NOT harmful! It is 100% organic and not harmful to pets or children or the environment. But we do recommend to wear a dust mask just so it is more comfortable to work.


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