Pile Height: 1.75 inches
Pile / Face Weight: 70 ounces
Total Weight: 98 ounces
Fiber Colors: 4 colors
Traffic Level: High
Made with high quality components to replicate natural grass
Quad-Color Technology
UV resilient
12-Year warranty
30 inches per hour drainage capacity
Meets or exceeds EPA standards for RCRA hazardous waste heavy metals including lead
All-Purpose Use: Landscape, Pet, Playground


LA Premier Artificial Turf – The Gold Standard of Gracious Greenery

Embrace a realm where splendor and sophistication seamlessly blend with practicality. Presenting LA Premier by LA Turf & Paver – the ultimate landscaping solution that captures the essence of nature’s perfection and fuses it with modern innovation.

Dive Deeper into the Distinctive Features of LA Premier Turf:

  • Elevated Elegance: LA Premier, as the name suggests, stands out with its rich and radiant green tones, exuding a plush and luxurious ambiance reminiscent of nature’s best landscapes.
  • Built for Brilliance: Constructed with state-of-the-art technology, this turf is robust and resilient, designed to stand tall against wear and tear, weather fluctuations, and the test of time.
  • Environmentally Enriched: With a commitment to safeguarding our environment, LA Premier is eco-friendly, ensuring you have a green lawn in every sense of the word.
  • Ease of Experience: The beauty of LA Premier is more than skin deep. While it adds aesthetic appeal, its low-maintenance nature means less work and more enjoyment for you.
  • Affordable Affluence: Experience the luxury of a lush landscape without the hefty price tag. With LA Premier, opulence is accessible, and elegance is economical.
  • The LA Turf & Paver Promise: Nested in our exclusive range, LA Premier is a reflection of our dedication to delivering quality, luxury, and a touch of nature to every home.

Imagine the serenity of stepping out onto a flawless, evergreen lawn every day, feeling the soft touch of LA Premier underfoot, and witnessing a vista that’s always vibrant and verdant. It’s more than just turf; it’s a transformative experience that elevates outdoor living.

For more details on LA Premier, or to dive into other exquisite offerings by LA Turf & Paver, connect with our team at

Elevate every outdoor moment with LA Premier by LA Turf & Paver – where every strand tells a story of sophistication.


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