Price is based on a 15 feet by 1 feet
Product Total Weight: 78 oz/sqyd
Pile Height: 1.35 in
Backing Type: Polyethylene/ Urethane
Color: 00301 Field Green/Lime Green with Field Green/Jute Thatch
The Residential line from LA Turf & Paver offers a variety of products that can transform an outdoor space into the focal point of any home. The Bermuda Collection is no different, offering a budget-conscious synthetic turf solution for any lawn. Combining green, lush fibers with an added thatch layer translates into a natural, well-manicured aesthetic that will raise curb appeal—and envy. Keep your lawn and your wallet green all year long with the Bermuda Collection from LA Turf & Paver.


Embrace Perfection with LA-Bermuda Artificial Turf – Your Budget-Friendly Gateway to a Majestic Lawn Experience

Synonymous with elegance and affordability, LA-Bermuda from LA Turf & Paver’s acclaimed Residential line invites you to transform ordinary outdoor spaces into mesmerizing lush landscapes. Intricately designed, it not only replicates the rich textures and colors of natural grass but also stands as a testament to the dedication we infuse in every product.

Dive into the Features of LA-Bermuda Artificial Turf:

  • Unmatched Aesthetics: LA-Bermuda boasts a harmonious blend of Field Green and Lime Green fibers, enriched with a complementary Field Green/Jute Thatch. This color palette ensures that the turf mirrors the splendor of a freshly manicured natural lawn.
  • Product Specifications: With a pile height of 1.35 inches and a robust total weight of 78 oz/sqyd, LA-Bermuda is meticulously crafted to endure the elements, foot traffic, and time.
  • Urethane Backing: A sturdy urethane backing underlines LA-Bermuda’s resilience, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance over its lifespan.
  • Value Proposition: Priced per 15 feet by 1-foot segment, it offers homeowners an economical avenue to upscale their outdoor settings without compromising on quality or aesthetics.
  • All-Year Freshness: LA-Bermuda liberates you from the cyclic chores of mowing, watering, and fertilizing. Revel in a consistently fresh, green lawn irrespective of seasons or weather fluctuations.
  • The Promise of LA Turf & Paver: As part of our esteemed Residential line, LA-Bermuda encapsulates our commitment to combining aesthetic finesse with practical utility. We craft products that amplify your home’s charm and raise its curb appeal, effortlessly.

Elevate your home’s exterior with a turf solution that promises natural beauty without the associated upkeep challenges. The Bermuda Collection, with its blend of vibrant greens and an underlying thatch layer, evokes envy and admiration in equal measure.

Should you seek further insights or wish to explore more from our diverse range, reach out at or call us at the provided contact.

With LA Turf & Paver, every step you take is on a canvas of nature’s perfection, reimagined.


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