Valencia Light Tumbled

Valencia Light Tumbled for pool deck, patios and more!

These pavers will accentuate the beauty of your home for years to come as well as increase your home value.

12 X 24 X 1-1/4″
16 X 24 X 1-1/4″
24 X 24 X 1-1/4″
4 X 8 X 1-1/4″
6 X 8 X 1-1/4″
F/P SET 1-1/4″


Celebrate Mediterranean Grace with Valencia Light Tumbled – A Fusion of Old-World Charm and Sturdy Design

Introducing the Valencia Light Tumbled, a true embodiment of Mediterranean beauty and tradition. Each paver showcases unique patterns and tones, reminiscent of sun-kissed Tuscan landscapes, making them a perfect pick for those seeking an evocative touch for their outdoor spaces.

Highlighting Features of Valencia Light Tumbled:

  • Traditional Texture: Thanks to their tumbled finish, these pavers radiate a classic appeal, merging seamlessly with both modern and vintage architectural designs.
  • Tuscan Palette: The Toscana variety is celebrated for its gentle blend of earthy tans, soft beiges, and occasional darker veins – a palette that beckons visions of rolling Tuscan hills and rustic vineyards.
  • Durability at its Best: Extracted from the earth and refined for beauty, these pavers display impressive resilience against elements like moisture, heat, and cold. Their inherent nature ensures they remain pleasantly cool, making summer outdoors enjoyable.
  • Safety First: The tactile, tumbled texture enhances slip resistance, a crucial feature for wet areas and around pools.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Naturally resistant to most stains, they require minimal care. However, in festive zones, an occasional sealant application can offer added protection.
  • Value Augmentation: Not only do these pavers elevate the aesthetic quotient, but they also add a tangible value to your property.

Given the inherent characteristics of natural stone and potential digital screen variances, some differences between the images and actual products might occur. We always suggest viewing real product samples to ensure a fully informed choice.

To delve into the beauty of Valencia Light Tumbled or for expert guidance, please reach us at or at 888-339-8873.

At LA Turf & Paver, we take pride in bringing nature’s splendor closer to you, one exquisite piece at a time.

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16 ibs


12 x 12 x 1.25 in


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