Product Weight: 106.5 oz/sqyd
Pile Height: 1.85 in
Backing Type: Polyethylene / Urethane
Color: Field Green/Olive
The Residential line from LA Turf & Paver offers a variety of products that can transform an outdoor space into the focal point of any home. Royal Grass is no different, offering a budget-conscious synthetic turf solution for any lawn. Combining green, lush fibers with an added thatch layer translates into a natural, well-manicured aesthetic that will raise curb appeal—and envy. Keep your lawn and your wallet green all year long with the Royal Grass from LA Turf & Paver


LA-Royal Artificial Turf – The Pinnacle of Prestige and Performance

Dive into an experience of grandeur, where sophistication meets sustainability. LA Turf & Paver presents LA-Royal, an artificial turf that’s not just a ground cover, but an emblem of elegance, designed for those with a discerning taste and an eye for the exceptional.

Discover the Distinction of LA-Royal Artificial Turf:

  • Royally Radiant: Named ‘Royal’ for a reason, this turf evokes the emerald elegance of nature’s finest lawns. Its luscious hue remains untouched by seasons, promising a perennially posh panorama.
  • Robust and Resilient: Crafted with precision, LA-Royal showcases strength in every strand. It resists wear and tear, weather adversities, and time, ensuring your spaces remain regal, now and always.
  • Environmentally Esteemed: Prioritizing planet and people, LA-Royal is devoid of harmful agents, making it safe for families, pets, and the environment. Rejoice in the luxury of a lawn that respects nature as much as you do.
  • Maintenance Minimized: Experience royalty without the rigmarole of regular upkeep. LA-Royal demands minimal maintenance, allowing you more leisurely moments in your royal retreat.
  • Value and Virtuosity: With LA-Royal, experience an upscale turf without the upscale price. Its splendor is evident, but its affordability is its silent signature, proving that luxury can be lucrative.
  • The LA Turf & Paver Assurance: As an elite entrant in our premium turf line-up, LA-Royal is a manifestation of our commitment to excellence. It stands as a testament to our dedication to bring regal lawns within everyone’s reach.

An epitome of luxury, LA-Royal is not just a product, but a promise of an elevated lifestyle. Whether it’s your backyard, poolside, or patio, its royal resonance will enchant you, making every moment memorable.

To witness the magic of LA-Royal or to explore our wide range of premium artificial turfs, our team is always at your service. Contact us at or connect with a call.

Step into the realm of royalty with LA Turf & Paver’s LA-Royal. Experience grandeur, every day.


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