Clear Safety Glasses (#10040)


During the installation of artificial grass and ivy, staples, nails, and spikes are used to secure the products into place. This may cause particles to fly and potentially hit someone’s eyes. These clear safety glasses are made from polycarbonate that will safeguard eyes from splashes, falling or flying particles. These lenses are 99% UV protected and impact resistant.

Item Package Quantity: 1 


  • Built for comfort & ventilation:
  • Fits most size heads comfortably without slipping.
  • Ventilated temple joints work great for increased airflow, keeping you cool throughout the day
  • Over glasses fit. Works with and without prescription glasses. Simply slip on over glasses so that you can see clearly in any situation


  • Full-coverage protection:
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog coating ensure maximum support needed to protect your glasses and extend the lifetime and function.
  • Full coverage, 99% UV protection to safeguard you from splashes or falling particles.
  • Molded side shields help for all-around visibility and a high level of direct and peripheral eye protection from flying particles. 


NAME: Clear Safety Glasses  

USES: Used for Artificial Grass and Ivy installations

PRICE: $2.29

WEIGHT: 0.5 pounds


MATERIAL TYPE: Polycarbonate

COLOR: Clear Vented Over-Glasses


  • Do these come in a darker color or just clear? We used to sell the dark ones but discontinued them. However, there might still be some in the “promotion section” for a discounted price. The best bet is to call the main number at 1-844-579-6887 and ask a staff member.
  • Are these glass: No, they are made from plastic


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