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LA Turf & Paver wants to take the time to thank you for being the most important part of our business, thanks to your loyalty and time with us we continue growing and picking better ways to satisfie your needs. We are more than happy for being part of your life and we will continue being through the years making sure you receive the attention you deserve.


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Not all synthetic grass are the same, remember that in the market there are many types of products with different qualities on the backing, fibers and materials.

LA Turf & Paver products are 100% certified and made in the United States by one of the largest factories with the longest time in the market, providing many years of experience.

We offer 10 years of warranty from the factory, including discoloration, loss of fibers in the grass, among other causes more caused by defections while the synthetic grass is being created.

Remember to keep your wording friendly, approachable and easy to understand… you are writing this for lots of different types of people to read and you want to appeal to them all.

LA K9 Turf is 100% pet friendly, it is made with specific products that help prevent allergies or sickness. Also additional products are made with strict control.
With Artificial Grass you will safe up to 65 gallons per Sq Foot a Year! Remember, no maintenance, no more water, no more waste of money.
Yes, it is. Synthetic Grass is hotter than Natural Grass, remember is not a natural product, but there are methods that help to regulate heat like our most popular product called Hydrochill.
You will not have any drainage problems at all. LA Grass is made with extreme care and with specific techniques to make the water drain perfectly, leaving the surface completely dry.
Believe it or not, it won’t fade over time. artificial grass is made depending on the region where it is going to be used, if it is a region of high heat, it is made more resistant to the sun or steam, etc.